Important Info and Meeting Recap


1.) The game schedules have been posted, but we are still looking to add one game to the eighth grade schedule. The game schedule overrides the practice schedule, so please make note of the game dates so that you can be in attendance.
2.) I have made it half-way through the paperwork. Please make sure that all of your child’s paperwork is complete and has been approved by Sunday evening. I am currently in the last names that start with “L”. Remember that all paperwork must be complete and approved before your child can rejoin practice. If you elected to buy the athletic insurance, then that $30 must also be paid before further participation.
3.) Please sell any fundraiser cards that you have and I will address players’ fundraiser status this week.
4.) We still need volunteers to help with game-day duties like running the clock, chain crew, and game-day meal preparation and serving. Please contact me at ALLENGARRIS@ANDERSON5.NET if you are interested in helping out. Thank you for all that you do! GO RAMS!!